Orestis Zambounis

Orestis Zambounis

Robotics & AI Engineer

Hi, I'm Orestis, a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Seervision (recently acquired by Q-SYS) and an alumnus of ETH Zurich.
I have a passion for building things in the areas of AI, systems & control, robotics, computer vision, software engineering, and distributed systems.
With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a solid programming background, I'm fluent in a variety of languages.
Please feel free to download my resume.

Trap the Cat

2023 – present

Cross-platform puzzle game built with vanilla JavaScript and CapacitorJS

Beachin' Rentals

2023 – present

Beach equipment rental shop in Barceloneta, Barcelona

Eixample Airbnb


Airbnb listing for a flat in Barcelona, interior design and self-made furniture

Anti CryptoPunks


NFT project built on the Polygon blockchain



Python library converting Python/NumPy operations to C++

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